Friday, 2 January 2009

Project Number 8 - PANTS!

And I'm off again. This time with a strange one I'm rather looking forwards to.


That's right, pants.

Boys' pants!

I wore my new dress to Robyn and Andy's on new year's eve and Andy was mighty impressed. The next morning, while we were discussing his upcoming 30th birthday, he said he'd always wanted custom made pants!

So there we are - bright colours, funky designs, it's entirely up to me apparently but he wants hand made pants for his birthday!!!

He gave me a pair of (clean) ones that fit nicely as a guide (sadly not boxers - I think boxers would be easier than fitted trunks) and says he's happy for me to cut them up if need be.

I'm rather looking forwards to this - he's a very vibrant guy so I'm pretty sure anything will idea how hard they'll be to make, but they can't be *that* bad, can they?

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