Friday, 23 January 2009

Project 8 - Pants - Update

Right, a bit of an update...after the sewing machine breakage (now working better than ever with the spare part my daddy got me) life is moving decidedly back towards having time to SEW!!!

The birthday party is a week on Friday (and Saturday and Sunday) so I only have one weekend left to complete them. Got the pair that I've sewn the pattern onto sewn together (mostly) last night. Just need to put an edging on the legs, sew the crotch together and put the elastic on. Discovered that the pieces didn't fit, but had drawn marks all over the pants before taking them apart and realised that I needed to stretch the bum piece to make it fit to the side piece. That worked really well (I wasn't sure what I was doing, but made it up) and they're really starting to look like pants now.

Have looked up what I need to do for the legs and "bias binding" comes up a lot so I'm going to have a play with that. It looks fiddly but I figured if I did it fairly large it'll work ok. We'll see. (Going to make it out of the contrast fabric I've got)

And that's about it really...can't wait for tomorrow to get started!

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