Thursday, 20 May 2010

27 Dresses

It’s been a while since I last set myself a sewing challenge (since I bought a coat from Karen Millen and challenged myself not to buy any clothes for a year to fund it and to make everything I needed. That worked great and I made it to the end, but then had such a big blow-out in Top Shop that in effect it was all for nothing!)

So, one week from today I turn 27. I’ve been excited about this one for years – 27 seems to be a very interesting year – it’s when all the rock stars die for one (Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, and Kurt Cobain to start with and wow look there’s a whole Wikipedia page devoted to it).

Let’s have a challenge related to this auspicious age then? The first thing that jumped to mind is 27 Dresses. I must admit I haven’t actually seen this film, (maybe because I’m bitter than I’ve NEVER been a bridesmaid and probably never will), but the title works well – it’s got 27 and it’s got dresses (which I’m LOVING at the moment). And 27 dresses in a year is just over one a fortnight – that sounds reasonable...(is it bad that I know I’ll be cursing this 6 months down the line?)

I might even watch the film at some point...

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Fenwicks Hat - Update

Well, I did it. I delivered a hat to college on Tuesday morning before work to be viewed by the millinery buyer from Fenwicks (as discussed in this post). I’m so glad I re-made it – the little changes and little lessons I learned making it have produced a far superior hat to the original. I got some photos last night and I’ll put them up when I get home.

And now I’m waiting. I can barely think of anything else, I’m so nervous! All weekend I was fairly blasé about whether it got picked or not, but in the light of a new day it feels like I’ve left my soul on that table for someone to examine and accept or reject.

The other hats were AMAZING! Nothing like my little topper at all – mostly pastel colours, almost all made from sinamay. I’d have loved to have worn any one of them. There was a great selection of fascinators and full hats, some small and some HUGE. It’ll be really interesting to go to Fenwicks when the selection are displayed to see which of the hats made it.

Please keep your fingers crossed for me. I’ll let you know as soon as I find out...

Update: I heard back today - the hat hasn't been chosen. It was well received, but not what Fenwicks were looking for - it's not in line with their image and that sort of thing. A really good learning experience for me and I know what to go for next year.
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