Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Finished Sinamay Headpiece

Well, here it is - my first output from the Millinery Trimmings Course at London College of Fashion.

The hat is made of three sinamay pieces, each blocked on a dome block, wired and edged with hand-made bias binding. The top two pieces are based on the 'ying yang' symbols, with the tails 'popped' up. There are actually three colours of sinamay used on each - dark blue on the front, light blue on the back and green on the edging.

The two pieces have been mounted on a headband formed in the same way - blocked and wired sinamay. The prongs holding it to the head are formed to resemble the tails of the other pieces and the strength and shape keeps the whole piece sturdy on the head.

A single ostrich feather has been curled and formed to wind in and out of the holes in the symbols, following the curves as it majestically towers over the top.

Finally, a comb on the inside holds the whole thing sturdy.

I am so happy with this hat. It's a really different direction for me and I'm in LOVE. I hope you like it too.


  1. this hat is simple GORGEOUS! It is so inspiring! I love the ying and yang idea. It's light and harmonious. How many hours did you need to make it? I should be proud! Bravo!!!!

  2. Thanks - it's probably been about 15+ hours including the design I think...


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