Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Sewing again

Well, I put sewing to the side to focus on my course for the first third of the year, but I’m back at it with a vengeance right now. I’ve got a pile of fabric, patterns, thoughts and ideas and not enough time in the day to get them made up. So the focus will start on work clothes (which are generally falling apart – very bad look).

So I made up a toile of McCall’s 5464.

I was surprised to measure up as a 10 throughout (I’m usually a 12 at least and never the same size top and bottom). I just made up the main pieces – one piece cut on the fold for the front and two pieces for the back – and I haven’t bothered to put a zip in (I’ll just get my husband to pin me into it). It went together pretty well really – the princess seams at the bust puckered a little – I’ll tack those for the real thing – and I sewed it to itself several times – not a pattern issue, incapable seamstress issue.

My husband was away when I made it up so I couldn’t get him to help me fit it properly, but when I pulled it on I got a very strong impression that my boobs and bum are not going to fit in this...and if they do I won’t be able to breathe, walk or sit down (but I think it makes my boobs look pretty good – sadly that’s not what pays the bills at work). I looked up some reviews on patternreview.com and they all loved the fitting so I checked to see if I’ve demonstrated some fumbled incapable measuring skills (or if my tape measure has inexplicably stretched). No, it seems fine. But a very very good excuse to learn to fit properly (another one and I still haven't managed it!)

The dress itself though is definitely worth any further work this takes. It’s gorgeous.

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